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Payroll Programs from PayUSA

Looking for a payroll program? PayUSA has just what you need! Since 1969 we have been providing innovative payroll solutions, and with one of the payroll programs offered by our company, you can do your payroll on your desktop or online in just five minutes! Take a moment now to learn about three of our programs: Payroll in a Flash, PayChoice ONLINE, and Online Employers.

Payroll Checks From PayUSA

No matter how much your employees might enjoy the work they do, let's face it. There's only one reason they get up and go to work everyday to receive their payroll checks. To keep your employees happy, the checks you issue must be accurate, and they must arrive on time for every pay period. However, no one can deny that as important as payroll checks are, processing payroll itself is a tedious and mundane task. It absorbs your time every pay period, taking your focus from more important matters like running a successful company.

Payroll Accounting From PayUSA

Some company owners find it difficult to relinquish payroll processing to a payroll accounting firm. And at PayUSA, we can understand those concerns. After all, improper payroll processing can result in late paychecks or paychecks for the wrong amount, resulting in disgruntled employees, or it can cause you to receive a costly penalty from the IRS. However, with PayUSA, one of the nation's leading payroll accounting firms, we offer all of the benefits of using a payroll service, but we leave the control of the process in your hands.

Online Employer

Online Employer enables you to access your payroll 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere internet access may be! Now you can enter payroll information when you want, where you want using a web-based payroll module called Online Employer.

New Hire Reporting

All employers are required to report their newly hired and rehired employees to the appropriate state agencies within 20 days of the date of hire.  For you, this means more work and time consuming reports to complete and submit. 

New hire reporting assists the state agencies with child support orders and the prevention of fradulent unemployment and workers' compensation claims.

PayUSA offers comprehensive new hire services that will take care of your reporting requirements.


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