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Ready to experience Online Employer? We've created these online product demos for some of our products to help you understand their capabilities. This allows you to see first-hand how easy it is to effectively manage your administrative functions. Simply click on the images below, turn up your computer volume and sit back so you don't miss a minute!

*The PayChoice Connection

Workers Comp

PayUSA offers a new and innovative solution to your Workers' Compensations coverage.

Pay As You Go is a unique way to offer Workers' Compensation coverage through your payroll. The benefits include:

Web General Ledger

Now you can seamlessly apply payroll information to your general ledger. Web GL provides you or your accountant online access to payroll data with every payroll. You instantly save time, reduce errors, and increase flexibility with the General Ledger Reporting tools.


ViewChoice+ For secure installation of ViewChoice Viewer

This downloadable version of ViewChoice will install on your local PC and allow the user to set a single User ID / Password for access the first time the program is entered. For use with the email version reports and checks delivery.

Client User Documentation Attached

Payroll Systems by PayUSA

Without the proper knowledge of how payroll processing works, it's easy to make costly mistakes. Not only will you face disgruntled employees if you don't get paychecks issued for the correct amount on-time, but if you are late paying federal, state, or local tax collection agencies, of if you pay them the wrong amount, you will face huge fines. The best way keep your employees happy and the government at bay is to implement a payroll system into your company's operations, and that's where PayUSA comes in.

Payroll Service

Payroll Service

The payroll service that PayUSA provides is invaluable to business owners. We will calculate the paycheck and tax obligations for every employee, issue checks or direct deposit wages, and provide management reports and a payroll history for all employees that can be accessed online 24 hours a day. No only does our service save you time, it will also save you money, especially when it comes to taxes.


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